We Make Threading Precise

In the event you need your rifle barrel threaded to accept your new silencer, we will take care of that through our Threading Central company.

No matter if it is a common hunting rifle or a custom match grade piece, we’re ready to take on your barrel threading project and give it all the attention to detail and care that Silencer Central is famous for.

Threading Central offers a unique barrel threading service where you can ship the gun directly to us or drop it off at any gun show we attend. Simply strip your rifle down to a barreled action for easy handling and we’ll do the rest!

360 Mailing Program

For $39.99 we ship a box and soft case(s) along with a prepaid return shipping label. One box can hold up to two barrels. Please note, we will collect payment for the barrel threading service when the job is complete.

Drop off in Sioux Falls

If you are in the Sioux Falls area, you can drop off your barrels to be threading at our main office located at 7511 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls, SD  57108.

Drop off at a Show

We attend more than 120 gun shows throughout the midwest. If you bring your barrels for threading and drop them off at our booth at a gun show near you we will ship them back to you for FREE when your threading is complete. Visit our event calendar to find us at a gun show near you.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies based on current workload, but we usually finish and ship within 14 business days from the day we receive your barrel. If you would like to confirm turnaround time, please contact us at 888-781-8778. If you are in the Sioux falls, SD area you may drop off/pickup your barrels at our office located at 7511 S Louise Ave. We take great care to make sure your barrel threading is perfectly concentric with the bore making it a perfect host for your suppressor.