At Threading Central, we thread rifles for suppressors or muzzle brakes using a single point threading on a HAAS II commercial lathe (CNC), concentric to the bore.

Threading Central offers a unique barrel threading service where you can ship the gun directly to us or drop it off at a gun show. Just remove your accessories for easy handling and we’ll do the rest. We make threading simple and fast!

Please keep in mind we automatically thread to caliber unless otherwise requested.

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360 MAILING PROGRAM is our easiest and most popular option for sending us your barrel(s). 360 mailing makes it simple to get your barrels threaded and shipped back to you.

We ship a 4″x 8″x 48″ box and soft case(s) for your barrels along with a prepaid return shipping label directly to your front door. One box can hold up to two barrels.

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