360 Mailing Program

360 Mailing Program

Did you know Threading Central threads over 3,000 barrels per year? Our innovative 360 Mailing Program allows you to get your barrels threaded from anywhere in the country! Simply purchase the 360 Mailing Program for $39.99 plus tax and we will do the rest!

Our gunsmith manager will send you a pre-packaged box (4″ x 8″ x 48″) containing one or two soft cases with a prepaid return shipping label. You will remove all accessories from your rifle and package your barrel(s) in the provided soft cases, fill out the order form and secure it in the soft case, then use the prepaid label to send it off to Threading Central.

360 mailing package

Once we receive your barrels, our certified machinist will thread them according to your order form specifications, add on a thread protector and ship your threaded order back to you.

Our barrel threading service starts at $99.99 per barrel and includes a free thread protector (a $20 added value). You will be billed for all threading services prior to receiving your threaded barrels.

The incredible surge in the popularity of suppressors makes a threaded muzzle virtually standard equipment on today’s precision rifle. Threading Central is well equipped for this extremely popular upgrade. With our resources and experience, your device will attach trouble-free every time.